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is it “the” day that you forgot to do groceries or that you forgot just that one pack of milk. were you too lazy to do go out and get some groceries or time just wasn’t on your side? perhaps you are giving a party and you don’t have enough snacks or drinks left and you need some fast? maybe just maybe you need something to get picked up like a package or a piano? do you want food delivered from your favorite restaurant or you just want some ice-cream but they don’t do deliveries? read more

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Why use ?

pat. will make your life easier. with pat. you will be able to setup an errand so that others from your network can help you do it. pat. can help you get things from point a to point b. so are you in a hurry or you don’t have time on your side, pat. is for you!

how to ?

It’s simple, within our 8 steps you are done and ready to go. not only your network can respond on your requests but if you choose to share it with everyone, we will make sure every pat. deliverer around your vicinity will get your deliver/pick-up request.

earn with !

simply turn on deliverer at your account and get notified with delivery requests from your network and from around your current location. earn some extra on the side while on your way, or help out your network with their requests. isn’t this amazing and great!

read the intro?

pat. is the delivery app for you and your network. do you need something delivered or would you like to earn some extra cash? pat. is the app to get things delivered, from food, to groceries and almost everything you can think of that can be delivered.

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